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 Topics in English - Sports - Скайсерфинг  

There are many types of sport nowadays and every few year we have the more ones. You know, that sport is useful and it keeps us fit and healthy. But there are types of sport that can be dangerous. One of them is sky surfing.
Sky surfing is a type of extreme. It is popular in USA, in Europe and in Russia and it becomes popular all over the world. It is jumping with the parachute with one ski in a free fall. The ski (which has the shape of the snowboard) fastens to the feet of the sportsman. Sky surfer jumps from height about 4000 m and in a condition of free falling (to offset there are only 50 seconds for a jump) carries out acrobaticfigures: «crab», «torpedo», etc. One of the basic features of sky surfing as extreme discipline is that it is a team kind of sport. Simultaneously with sky surfer, the operator jumps with video camera on his helmet. He shoots the acrobatic elements which are carried out by the partner. The operator not simply fixes on an action video film about sky surfer, now the success of a team in many respects depends on skill and ingenuity of the operator. In modern sky surfing there are a lot of so-called interactive (i.e. carried out in common) elements: for example, the operator conducts shooting, lying on a back or rotating round the partner.
Sky surfing is one of those kinds of extreme in which Russians have achieved appreciable success on international level. Among famous Russian sky surfers are Olga Odintsova, Maria Rjabikova, Dmitry Kiselyov, Igor Kalinin, Michael Ivanov, Vladimir Kakichev, etc. The Most titled Russian sky surfer is Valery Rozov. He is also known as the organizer of a popular «Extreme Russian project».
To my mind, sky surfing is the most exciting and beautiful type of extreme. It is more interesting then just jumping with the parachute. One day I`d like to see and try it myself.

Машинный перевод от Yandex:
Есть много видов спорта в наши дни и каждые несколько лет мы имеем больше те. Вы знаете, что спорт полезен, и это держит нас в форме и здоровым. Но есть виды спорта, которые могут быть опасны. Один из них-Скай серфинг..

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