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Темы на английском языке - For and Against Sport

 Topics in English - Sports - For and Against Sport  

Sport plays a great role in our life. It’s a profession, an entertainment and a way which leads to a healthy life. We’ve been connected with sport since our childhood, though we don’t even notice this fact.
Lots of people consider sport to be the funniest way to spend free time. Some of them watch sport matches on TV, supporting their favorite team. Some of them go to the country to play sport outdoor games. It’s useful for health and besides it’s a good cause for people to get together and to make friends.
People who choose sport as a profession make a serious choice, because it takes much time, almost all their time to succeed in a chosen kind of sport. Sportsmen must improve their constitution every day. To become a great sportsman one must work hard. And it’s not only a physical work, it’s also a moral work. Because every competition is a challenge not only to your strengths but to your nerves. Professional sport is a dangerous thing, because any training or competition may bring traumas. So every sportsman runs risks. But every risk is suppressed by the burning desire to win. And victories bring satisfaction, fame and often good sums of money.
Sport can be absolutely useful if you want to improve your health by means of it. All you have to do is not to overdo it and it won’t do harm to you, quite the contrary you’ll feel much better, stronger and more cheerful.
No matter what pluses and minuses sport has, it’s wonderful because it unites people of all the nationalities and religions without any magic.

Машинный перевод от Yandex:
Спорт играет большую роль в нашей жизни. Это профессия, и развлечение, и путь, который ведет здоровый образ жизни. Мы были связаны со спортом с детства, хотя мы даже не замечаем этого факта..

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