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Темы на английском языке - What will future people be like

 Topics in English - Наука - What will future people be like  

Some people think that the world will change a lot. The cities will become bigger. They will be more beautiful. There will be more parks and trees in them. Some people say that there won't be many people in the cities and the cities will become smaller but there will be more farms. More people will live in the country, and they will grow food for all the world. People will be taller and more clever. Some people think that men will be two metres tall, and women will be as tall as men. They say men and women will wear the same clothes but in different colours. Pupils will not go to school. They will have computers at home and the computers will help them to learn everything. At weekends people will go to the moon and other planets. They will have a good time there. They won't read many books. They will mostly watch television and get news from computer networks. And they will learn many things from nature. All people will enjoy their life

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