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Темы на английском языке - Life of Shakespeare

 Topics in English - Biography - Life of Shakespeare  

The great poet and dramatist William Shakespeare is often called by his people "Our National Bard", "The Immortal. Poet of nature" and "The Great Unknown". More than two hundred contemporary references to Shakespeare have been located amoung church records, legal records, documents in the Public Record Office, and miscellaneous repositories. When these owe assembled, we have at least the sceleton out line of his life, begining with his baptist on April 26, 1564, in Trinity Churche, Stratford-on-Avon, and ending with his burial there on April 25, 1616. Shakespeare native place was Sratford-on-Avon, a little town in Warwickshive, which is generally described as beign in the middle of England.
Shakespeare's father, John, was a prosperious glove maker of Stratford who, after holding minor municipal offices, was elected high bailiff of Stratford. Shakespeare's mother Mary Arden, came from an affluent family of landowners.
Shakespeare probably recieved his early education at the exellent Stratford Grammar School, supervised by an Oxford graduate, where he would have learned Latin smattering of Greek.
In 1582 Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway, who lived in a neighboring hamlet. The first child born to Ann and William was their daughter Susanna. In about two years Ann bore him twins a boy and a girl, Hamlet and Jidith.
Then life in Stratford became intolerable for William Shakespeare and he dicided to go to London and began a theatrical career. Shakespeare major activity lay in the field of drama. He became a full shaveholder in his acting company, he was partowner of "the Globe" theatre and later of "the Blackfriars" theatre, and in 1597 he purchased property in Strarford. Including new place, one of the largest houses in the town. He probably refired there about 1610, travelling of London when necessary to take cave of his theatrical business. In all, 154 sonnets seguence. The sonnets were probably written in the 1590 but were first published in 1609.

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Великий поэт и драматург Уильям Шекспир часто называют его люди "наша Национальная Бард" и "по-Бессмертный. Поэт природы" и "неизвестно" и. Более двухсот современных ссылок на Шекспира были расположены среди церковных записей, правовых актов, документов в Государственный архив, и прочие хранилища. Когда эти обязаны собраны у нас, по крайней мере, линии скелета из его жизни, начиная с его Предтечи на 26 апреля 1564 года, в посещаемые объекты: Троицы, Стратфорд-на-Эйвоне, и заканчивая его похорон на 25 апреля 1616 года. Шекспир родного места был Sratford-на-Эйвоне, маленьком городке в Warwickshive, который обычно описывается как являющийся в середине Англии..

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