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Темы на английском языке - Summer Way of Spending Time

 Topics in English - My life - Summer Way of Spending Time  

In my opinion there is a great number of different ways of spending summer holidays. It depends on person, on his culture, education, age, social level and personal tastes and preferences. So, everyone likes his own way of summertime spending.
It is a great pleasure to have a rest after a whole year of hard work or study. People like to travel during their summer holidays.
Some people go abroad to see new countries, some people prefer to go to the country-side to enjoy country-life far from noise and fuss of big cities. Other people like staying at home doing nothing, but watching TV and playing computer games.
Some people like to spend their holidays in cities, visiting theatres, museums and going sightseeing. But a great number of people go to the seaside.
As for me, I prefer to go on holiday to the seaside. I do not like crowds. My family and I always have our holiday on the coast. Sea and sunbathes, that is what we look forward to every summer. Hotels at the large seaside towns are rather expensive, so we usually go camping.
Last year we spent our holidays in a camp. Each day was full of small joys. We swam in the sea, lay in the sun, played different games and had a wonderful time.
We lived there for about a month. The time passed very quickly. It was a wonderful holiday.

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