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Темы на английском языке - Our Street

 Topics in English - My life - Our Street  

I live in Sosnova Street. It is a very quiet street on the outskirts of our city.
Though it has not any special places of interest and not visited by tourists, I really like it. All houses are neat and well-planned here. Most of them have big gardens or just some flowerbeds.
It’s very green in spring and summer. There are a lot of trees in it. The side-walks are lined with lime-trees. There are also many fruit-trees and lilacs in the people’s gardens. In May the whole street turns into a blooming garden.
There isn’t much traffic in Sosnova Street. The air is fresh, it isn’t polluted with gases.
I like to come back to our street after a day spent in the centre of the city. I hate noise and crowds in downtown. I wouldn’t like to live in a different street.

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