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Темы на английском языке - My Mother — Моя мама

 Topics in English - My life - My Mother — Моя мама  

My mother’s name is Catherine. Her second name is Vladimirovna and the last name of my mom is Kruchinina. My mom is the best mother in the world. She is 41. My mom is a teacher. She works at school number 85.
In the childhood, my mom was a very clever girl. She knew everything. When she finished school, she entered the Pedagogical University and after five years of hard study, she became a teacher.
Two years later, she met my future father. They fell in love with each other and in a half a year, they married. In a year, my elder sister was born. Then in two years appeared my elder brother, his name is Dmitriy.
As for me, I was born in four years after my father and my mother had married. I am the youngest child in the family. My mom tells us that we are the best children in the whole world.
My mom cooks very nice. My mother likes reading a lot, but generally she has no time for reading. We have a large library. Some of our books are very rare and cost much money. My mom is not as strict as our dad.
She is very calm, loving and beautiful. And she never punishes us.
I love my mom.

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