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Темы на английском языке - Мои последние зимние каникулы

 Topics in English - My life - Мои последние зимние каникулы  

I spent my last winter holidays in Moscow. This year I did not go anywhere. First I thought it would be dull to stay at home. But how it seems to me they have been one of the finest holidays in my life. May be that’s because they were our last winter holidays at school but all the same we had a lot of fun.
Our winter holidays began on the 27th of December. On that day we had a New Year party at school. Certainly, we had been preparing to the party for a long time beforehand. We had prepared an amateur performance with Father Frost and Snow-Maiden. There were different competitions, we played different games. Certainly the lucky winners got the memorable prizes. We had prepared them beforehand but we had not bought them.
We had brought some nice trinkets from our homes. Those who won these prizes said that they are especially dear to them because they would remind them about their schoolmates. Then we had a dance party. That day we had a lot of fun.
I like winter for a number of holidays we celebrate at the beginning of a new year. First of all this is New Year Day. On the eve of New Year Day my father and I usually decorate a new year tree and mother cooks a lot of tasty things. We like to celebrate this holiday at home.
My Granny and Grandpa come to our place. At 11 o’clock we sit at the table to see Old Year off. At 12 o’clock with the last stroke of the clock we raise our glasses to New Year.
On the 7th of January our family celebrates Christmas. I like this holiday very much, too. This year all my friends came to our place. The girls helped my mother to set the table. According to the ancient tradition there were 12 dishes on the table.
The period of the winter holidays is rich in different shows and performances. This year we chose the show in the circus. We are already not children to go to the theatre to see some childish performance with a bad wolf who has stolen a new year tree. But a circus show is another pair of shoes. I think there is nobody in the world who can be tired of the circus. I liked the clowns most of all. Their tricks were so funny. And, of course, I liked the performing animals. They are so clever and beautiful and sometimes they behave themselves exactly like people.
But the time during the holidays flies so quickly. Certainly, I didn’t get up early. In the evenings I could afford myself to watch TV as long as I wanted. I read some books which I dreamt to read but 1 didn’t have free time for this.
I like fantastic stories. It s a pity that at our Literature lessons we don’t speak much about the books which are popular with the young generation. At school we are to read and discuss the books which are in the curriculum.
This year the weather was really New Year’s one. The temperature was not simply low, it was very low, about 20 degrees below zero. But the weather was rather snowy, and one day we set off to the park to ski. We had a nice day there. We ski, played snowballs and even made a snow man.
I like my last winter holidays very much. I think I’ll memorize them for ever.

Машинный перевод от Yandex:
Я провел мои последние зимние каникулы в Москве. В этом году я никуда не ездил. Сначала я думал, что будет скучно сидеть дома. Но как мне кажется, у них был один из лучших праздников в моей жизни. Может быть это потому, что они были наши последние зимние каникулы в школе, но все же мы имели большое удовольствие..

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