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Темы на английском языке - My Favourite Actor

 Topics in English - My life - My Favourite Actor  

Kevin Costner, a famous american actor, was born in Los Angeles. He spent his childhood often on the move, changing schools frequently, owing to his father’s job at the regional electricity company. As a teenager, he developed a keen liking for football, baseball and basket-ball and was also interested in singing and writing poetry. He married his college sweetheart Cindy whilst still at California State University and came out with a business degree in marketing. In his spare time he appeared in local theatre productions. Theatre became increasingly important to him and after having worked six weeks in a marketing company, he gave the job up to become an actor.
He played in many small part roles before his principle role which was not a success. However Costner himself was given good reviews. In 1987 his starring role in «The Untouchables» and «No Way Out» really introduced him to international fame. Indeed, he won the Star of Tomorrow prize from the U. S. National Association of Theatre Owners. Then in 1988 came «Bull Durham» which was a huge hit movie in the States about baseball. His subsequent film «Field of Dreams» was also a success and touched baseball again. Then came the violent drama movie «Revenge» followed by his first directorial debut film «Dances With Wolves» in which he also starred and which won 7 Oscars. His movie «Robin Hood, Prince of the Thieves» was also a great success.
I like this actor because the characters he plays are strong personalities, wise people who are worthy of my admiration. In my opinion, this is the reason of his growing popularity in many, countries. He is not only a talented actor, who’s acting draws your attention from the very moment you see his face on the screen. But he is also a successful producer and continues working at his new films which are certain to amuse the people.

Машинный перевод от Yandex:
Кевин Костнер, известный американский актер, родился в Лос-Анджелесе. Он провел свое детство часто бываете в разъездах, часто менять школы, из-за работы его отца в региональной электроэнергетической компании. Будучи подростком, он разработал живой душе на футбол, бейсбол и баскетбол, а также был заинтересован в пении и писать стихи. Он женился на своем возлюбленном колледжа Синди в то время как все еще в университете штата Калифорния и вышел с бизнеса по специальности маркетинг. В свободное время он появился в местных театральных постановках. Театр становился все более важным для него и проработав шесть недель в маркетинговой компании, он дал задание, чтобы стать актером..

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