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Темы на английском языке - Мой родной город Мурманск

 Topics in English - My life - Мой родной город Мурманск  

I would like to tell you about Murmansk, where I live. It is situated beyond the Polar Circle, on the shore of the Kola Bay and Barents Sea.
Our city was founded on 4th October 1916, and was called Romanov-on-Murman. Earlier Murmansk was a small port city, where people lived in wooden houses.
Now 94 years later Murmansk has become big and beautiful city. There are a lot of flowers and trees in the parks and flower-beds, which are planted by people.
Many streets in the city are called in the name of war and labour heroes, for example: Captain Egorov, Alexander Bredov, Captain Burkov, etc. There are monumentsdevoted to the defenders of the Russian North.
There are many different ships in the port, for example: ice-breaker «Arctica» and «Lenin» vessel, which are the most famous vessels. People often visit these ships on excursions.
Our region is rich in different kinds of fish. Fishermen catch cod, mackerel, which is sold in the shops.
Some people think that our city is severe. But in reality behind this severity beautiful nature is hidden. I advice you to visit my city, if you haven`t visited it yet.

Машинный перевод от Yandex:
Я хочу рассказать вам про Мурманск, где я живу. Он расположен за Полярным кругом, на берегу Кольского залива и Баренцева моря..

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