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Темы на английском языке - Моя Родина

 Topics in English - My life - Моя Родина  

I want write about my motherland. I will begin my composition with words of former governor Altai Krai M. Evdokimov «My edge for me is the motherland , and the motherland is Altai!». I love the Altai. This (these) mountains and this forests. All native me at here.
The name «Altai» comes from Mongolian «Altan» which means «golden». Altai mountains are truly one of the natures most marvelous gems, amazing by the its diversity and beauty. Many glorious names linked with it-Shukshin, Shishkin and many other.
I want to write about town in which(where). I was born and I`m live at just to. Biysk town. The best town in the world at my blush. the Biyskis are very green town. There are forest beside it and there are many trees and flowers in the street. It settles down along the second Altai river and very beautiful river. Many magnificent place on Biya. Biysk is quite an old town. It was founded in the principle of 18-th centure.
My town is not very large. There are about three hundred thousand people who live here. One of my favourite places in town is parkway Petra. the parkway Petra is a fevourite place to creation of mass cities from viewing platform.
May be Biysk doesn`t beautiful and clean town at first blush, yes, it`s not above reproach, but it the best town for me. I like narrow streets with modem and old buildings, child`s areas where my childhood went and my school. I like what I can go across town(within, in) for one day. I lake what in town at you all hear at hand/ I lake my native town very much. I want it always to be beautiful and clean.
Motherland is place where you can return and be in home. You must take care and love it. In a conclusion I should say that there is no place like you motherland!

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Я хочу написать о моей родине. Я начну с состава слова бывшего губернатора Алтайского края М. Евдокимова «мой край для меня это Родина , а Родина-это Алтай!». Я люблю Алтай. Этот (эти) горы и этот лес. Все родное мне здесь..

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