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Темы на английском языке - Моя гимназия / My gymnasium

 Topics in English - My life - Моя гимназия / My gymnasium  

I am a school-boy of Gymnasium №7, of Bataysk city. Our Gymnasium is well known in Rostow Region and is considered to be the best.
I learn in the 7 th class. There are 30 pupils in our class. We have many interesting subjects every day. My favourite subjects are English, German, Physical Training, and Mathematics. I know that every intelligent contemporary man needs for his career foreign languages. As for me my English is not enough excellent and I want to make more progress in my English.
There are many interesting things around us. And if I will read, speak not only in Russian but also in English too I can get more information about life in the world, about my peers in many different coteries and their problems. These questions are very important for me.
I have known that City & Guild has a 130 year history and operates in many countries. It give chance for many people to find themselves in the world. City & Guild has no borders. And I know that every has chance to make the life better with help of Knowledge. May be I too.

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