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Темы на английском языке - Моя будущая профессия

 Topics in English - My life - Моя будущая профессия  

The choice of the future profession is not the easy thing. It is so difficult to decide and make the right choice.
So, I think it is quite natural before you take the final decision on what you want to do in future consider the possibilities you have and your fitness for this or that job.
You will not work well if you don`t like the profession. You will not achieve success and get satisfaction from it. And I think the meaning of life is just in it.
As for me, I made my choice many years ago. I want to be the teacher of the English language.
And it is out of the question!
If you ask me why do I want to be the teacher, I`ll say , because without the teacher you`ll not be the good specialist in any sphere. You will not be either the good cosmonaut or the good interpreter.
Thanks to the teacher such names as Yuri Gagarin, Sergei Korolyov and Anna Pavlova are well — known all over the world.
Just they helped to make them the first steps to the fame and glory.
And why the teacher of the English language?
The thing is that I am fond of English language! And I am sure that every modern man must know it If you don`t know English, you will be not up to date in your work, because English is the language of science, politics, business.
So, I`ll do everything to realize my dream!

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