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 Topics in English - Miscellaneous - Kanye West Comments  

Dear America, and hello to the international public :)
I am speaking to you today not as a Black Man, not as a Californian close to the city of Berkeley, and not even as a American. I am speaking to you today just as a human being and I hope that you will assume the same shape and form while reading my brief essay.
First let me begin by addressing the situation directly with the Hurricane that has struck the gulf coast of LA, Miss, and AL. To even begin to assume that this was handled even remotely professional or on time is a far exageration of the truth to say the least. To explain the situation in New Orleans, you will first need to explain the poverty that has long exsisted there for hundreds of years since slavery. Slavery?! Don't get scared of that word it's just some Ancient American reality. But is it really ancient??????
The response to the Hurricane was a laugher. For one, no food got to any victim until the fifth day. Five days!! Long time with no food right?? Have you ever went 2 days without food?? Ever went one day?? Also, when the disaster was spoken about, the citizens were referred to as refugees and immigrants, even President Bush was puzzled by this. These were long time citizens that were born and raised in those states, not people that snuck over here on a boat.
So the blame game begins now. Hmmm?? If I was Bush who should I blame?? Hmmm?? Maybe I shouldn't have cut that fund for repairing the Leevy 60-70% Huh?? Maybe if I focused more on my own country and it's poverty then things wouldn't be so bad huh?? Maybe we would have been more prepared for this disaster by actually planning for things like this, instead of sunbathing at the Crawford Ranch Hmm??
Iraq's really going well huh Hmmm?? Don't worry that the same terrorists on each street in Iraq are still blowing themselves up like before, but that's positive right Hmmmm?? I'm George W., what the hell should I do now. Gas is higher than the moon and I control all the oil in Iraq to HMMMM??? Lots of decisions to make, so many questions?? I know, lets have a investigation on what I did in Iraq and Katrina, and I'll head the investigation, I'll be in complete control and that's how I'll keep that finger off myself!! Yeah! I'll just point it at that Fema Director!!
This is getting interesting now!
When AOL had a pic of a white family holding bags they put the message over their head, "brave man feeding family"!! When they showed a black man carrying a loaf of bread the title was "looters take over the city"!! Hmmmm??? Comedy huh?? Was there any looting the first day without food?? Nope. Second day?? Nope. Third day, yep!!! I'm sure in three days anybody would bust through Albertsons for some ice cream or even peanut butter!!
Then there was reports of shooters shooting at rescuers hmmm?? Sounds strange huh?? Did the news tell you that they interviewed some Paramedics and they said that most of them were actually shooting in the air to get the rescuers attention, and only shot at one Helicopter after it repeatedly passed over their rescue attempts to get attention. Hmm?? Though I am not condoning shooting at any rescuers, I am giving you the information.
Now with Kanye West's comments about Bush I feel they were not far fetched at all. Nor was it bad timing. I'm not sure if Bush even cares about white people, they are dying in Iraq just like anybody else and he still sleeps peaceful at night. And about Bush's outlook on Black people?? Not really too sure what that would be, doesn't really talk to, or about Black people at all. In fact, I can't think of any bill he's ever passed that's helped any poor people white or black. No child left behind huh?? Yeah sure.
So answer this for me, how did we take over numerous oil wells in Iraq and the price of gas goes UP!!?? Bush has disrespected everyone in this country with his ignorance, selfishness, cruelty, quick BAD judgements, and aggressive approaches to everything. He doesn't negotiate yeah, and that's because he doesn't know how to. He probably brought guns to his debate classes in high school. And yelled out "Kill the Enemy" before his responses.
He even looks dumb even when he talks, how the hell did we back this guy anyway!?? If your John Kerry you have to really question your campaign strategy to loose to someone with such poor ratings, bad domestic answers in debates, and funny facial expressions.
His only answer to everything is War On Terror!! So how accurate is our response to the War on Terror anyway when we can let a large body of water baffle and confuse our entire government?? Maybe our method of battle is not completely correct, maybe we could have fought a different way many years ago and 9/11 would have never happened. Maybe, or maybe not.
Terrorists are insane, desperate individuals true, but how hard have we really tried to acknowledge their thoughts, or concerns?? We should all be concerned about our own nation now, maybe we should have paid at least some attention to our domestic issues, instead of so much energy focused on Iraq??
And about racism?? Yes that still exsists, I still get pulled over all the time for nothing, no ticket or anything. Just to run my information they say. I still get prejudged by my coleagues and battle for simple equality, and still I have never been a racist. I understand people may judge me by my clothes, or haircut, so I prove them wrong immediately after I open my mouth.
The news media have transformed our citizens into believing that racism is a lie that it no longer exsists. That it's a topic people use to get out of problems that they created for themselves. And it's true, we do need police and we do need prisons because there IS a such thing as a bad person in every race. But racism does still exsist, look around you after reading this, and think about it, honestly

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