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Темы на английском языке - Meals In Britain

 Topics in English - Miscellaneous - Meals In Britain  

Traditionally English people have three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast is served in the morning. It used to be a large meal with cereal, eggs and bacon, sausages, tomatoes. But such a large breakfast takes a long time to prepare and is not very healthy. Nowadays, Britain's most popular breakfast consists of cereal, toast with marmalade, juice and yogurt with a cup of tea or coffee. Lunch is a light meal. Most people have no time to go back home for lunch so they eat at school, cafes, pubs or restaurants. The main meal is dinner, which is usually between 6 and 7 p.m. A typical evening meal is a meat dish with vegetables and dessert. The most important meal of the week is the Sunday dinner, which is usually eaten at 1 p.m. The traditional Sunday dish used to be roast beef, but nowadays pork, chicken or lamb are more common. On Sunday evenings people have supper or high tea. The famous British afternoon tea is becoming rare, except at weekends.
British Cuisine
Some people criticize English food. They say it's unimaginable, boring, tasteless, it's chips with everything and totally overcooked vegetables. The basic ingredients, when fresh, are so full of flavor
that British haven't had to invent sauces to disguise their natural taste. What can compare with fresh pees or new potatoes just boiled and served with butter? Why drown spring lamb in wine or cream and spices, when with just one or two herbs it is absolutely delicious?
If you ask foreigners to name some typically English dishes, they will probably say "Fish and chips" then stop. It is disappointing, but true that, there is no tradition in England of eating in restaurants, because the food doesn't lend itself to such preparation. English cooking is found at home. So it is difficult to find a good English restaurant with a reasonable prices.
In most cities in Britain you'll find Indian, Chinese, French and Italian restaurants. In London you'll also find Indonesian, Mexican, Greek... Cynics will say that this is because English have no "cuisine" themselves, but this is not quite the true. Tea is the Most Popular Drink in Britain
Everyone knows that tea is the most popular drink in Britain. It's even more popular than coffee, which is favoured throughout Europe and America. The Dutch brought the first tea to Europe in 1610. But it was not until 1658 that the first advertisement for tea appeared in a London newspaper. At that time a pound of the cheapest tea cost about one-third of a skilled worker's weekly wages. Tea was guarded by the lady of the house and kept in special containers, often with a lock and carefully doled out by the teaspoon. By 1750 tea had become the principal drink of all the classes in Britain. Later, tea-drinking developed into a fashionable social ritual. Tea parties were popular at home and soon the ritual of "afternoon tea" was firmly established. Nowadays, throughout the homes, tea shops and hotels of Britain, the custom of tea-time continues. Tea in Britain is brewed in a teapot. Then the one spoonful of tea per person and one for the pot is added. Most people in Britain prefer a rich, strong cup of tea with milk, and sugar is sometimes added to taste.

Машинный перевод от Yandex:
Традиционно русский народ трехразовое питание: завтрак, обед и ужин. Завтрак подается утром. Это было большое блюдо с хлопьями, яйца, бекон, сосиски, помидоры. Но такой большой завтрак занимает много времени, чтобы подготовиться и не очень здоровый. В наши дни, англичане самый популярный завтрак состоит из овсяных хлопьев, тоста с мармеладом, сока и йогурта с чашкой чая или кофе. Обед-это легкий перекус. Большинство людей не имеют времени, чтобы вернуться домой, поэтому на обед они едят в школе, кафе, пабов или ресторанов. Основным приемом пищи является ужин, который обычно между 6 и 7 вечера типичный ужин-мясное блюдо с овощами и десерт. Самый важный прием пищи недели-воскресный обед, который обычно едят по 1 ч. традиционное воскресное блюдо раньше ростбиф, но в наши дни свинины, курицы или баранины являются более распространенными. В воскресенье вечером люди ужинают или полдник. Известный британский послеобеденный чай становится редко, разве что по выходным..

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