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Темы на английском языке: My Family
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We are a family of four: my father, my mother, my younger brother and I..

My name is Olga. I am seventeen. I am a school leaver. My younger brother is ten. He is a pupil of the fifth form..

Our family lives in Moscow. We have a nice three-roomed flat. We have all modern conveniences: running hot and cold water, telephone, central heating, rubbish chute. My mother is satisfied with our flat..

My mother is about 40. We all love dearly our Mum and are always ready to help her about the house..

My younger brother helps mother to set the table and wash the dishes. Dad likes to make or repair something..

My father is an experienced engineer. He is always busy and very often he works overtime..

My mother is an economist..

My grandparents don't work now. They are on pension. My Granny is fond of gardening and my Grandpa likes to go fishing..

Our family is friendly. 1 like them very much..

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