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Детские считалки на английском языке

Английский для детей Children's nursery rhymes in English  

В разделе Английский для детей - вы найдёт множество детских считалок предназначенных для развития английской речи

Bee, a bee, a bumblebee
Stung a man upon his knee
And a hog upon his snout,
I'll be dogged if you ain't out!

Hinx, minx, the old witch winks,
The cat begins to fry,
Nobody's home but
Jumping Joan Father, mother, and I
Stick, stock, stone dead.
Blind men can't see,
Every knave will have a slave,
You and I must be he!

ONE, TWO, buckle my shoe
THREE, FOUR, knock at the door
FIVE, SIX, pick up sticks
SEVEN, EIGHT, lay them straight
NINE, TEN, a big fat hen
ELEVEN, TWELVE, dig and delve
THIRTEEN, FOURTEEN, maids a-courting
FIFTEEN, SIXTEEN, maids in the kitchen
SEVENTEEN, EIGHTEEN, maids a-waitng
NINETEEN, TWENTY, I've had plenty!

One, two, three, four, five,
I caught a fish alive.
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten,
I let him go again.
O-U-T spells out goes you!

One for sorrow, two for mirth,
Three for a wedding, four for a birth,
Five for silver, six for gold,
Seven for a secret not to be told.
Eight for heaven, nine for hell,
And ten for the devil's own sel'.

This stick will tell the one we choose
To be the lord in shining shoes
To rule lands both near and far
The stick says you wiil be king tsar!

Under the ocean, green and deep
Lie the fishes fast asleep,
Under the arm and over the shoe,
Tap on the head, and out goes YOU!

Eeny, meeny, miney, moe
Catch a tiger by his toe,
If he squeals, let him go,
Eeny, meeny, miney, moe.

One for sadness, two for mirth;
Three for marriage, four for birth;
Five for laughing, six for crying:
Seven for sickness, eight for dying;
Nine for silver, ten for gold;
Eleven a secret that will never be told.

Intry, mintry, cutry, corn
Apple seed and apple thorn
Wire, briar, limber, lock
Five geese in a flock
One flew east, one flew west,
and one flew over the cuckoo's nest
Out, with a dirty dishcloth, out!

A, B, C, D, E, F, G
Come on out and play with me.
H, I, J come and play.
K, L, M come with them.
N, O, P near and tree.
Q, R, S, T, U, V
Oh, how happy we will be.
W, X, Y, Z
Lot's of fun for you and me

1… 2… Buckle my shoe
3… 4… Knock at the door
5… 6… Pick up sticks
7… 8… Lay them straight
9… 10… A big fat hen

11… 12… Dig and delve
13… 14… Maids a-courting
15… 16… Maids in the kitchen
17… 18… Maids a-waiting
19… 20… I’ve had plenty!

And it's one, two, three,
What are we fighting for?
Don't ask me, I don't give a damn,
Next stop is Vietnam;
And it's five, six, seven,
Open up the pearly gates,
Well there ain't no time to wonder why
Whoopee! we're all gonna die.

Eenie, meenie, minie, mo,
Catch a tiger by his toe.
If he hollers, make him pay
Fifty dollars every day.
My Mother says to pick this one;
O-U-T spells out goes you,
Right in the middle of the red, white and blue.

This STICK will TELL the ONE we CHOOSE
To RUle LANDS both NEAR and FAR
The STICK says YOU will BE King THAR!

Two legs sat upon three legs
With one leg in his lap;
In comes four legs
And runs away with one leg;
Up jumps two legs,
Catches up three legs,
Throws it after four legs,
And makes him bring back one leg.

One, two, three, four,
Mary at the cottage door,
Five, six, seven, eight,
Eating cherries off a plate

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