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Словари и переводчики - NTC's Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions

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This compact and well-formatted book features "more than 8500 contemporary slang and informal expressions." With 800 more entries than the previous edition, this third edition includes street slang, popular culture terms, and the telegraphic language peculiar to the Internet. Arranged alphabetically, entries include usage information, slang type or source, and additional information about whether the term is, e.g., objectionable, derogatory, or standard English. The entries for some "difficult or unpredictable" words may include pronunciation information. The alphabetic arrangement is augmented by a phrase-finder index and Go to/See also references. If you don't know the meaning of expressions such as "Baldwin" (a good-looking male), "Vietnik" (someone who opposed the Vietnam War), or "face time" (time spent face to face with someone), this book will explain. Some obvious terms such as "nervous Nellie" (any nervous person), "naw" (no), "what the heck" (it doesn't matter), and "square" (old-fashioned) seem out of place. Wordsmiths may find this resource more useful and entertaining than NTC's American Idioms Dictionary (LJ 5/15/00), also edited by Spears. Readers seeking etymological or historical information may wish to consult more comprehensive slang resources such as The Cassell Dictionary of Slang (LJ 5/1/99), The Oxford Dictionary of Slang (LJ 3/1/99), or Random House Historical Dictionary of Slang (LJ 11/15/97). In general, users will appreciate this work's ease of use and wealth of contemporary American terms. Libraries will want to purchase it for its currency, vibrancy of American language, and affordable price


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