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Диалоги на английском языке - Going to a Party 2

Диалоги на английском языке с переводом

  Dialogues in English - Going to a Party 2  

Bill: Hi! How are you?
Dan: Fine. How about you?
Bill: Super! Let me introduce you to my niece, Claire.
Claire, this is Dan--he works with me at the office.
Claire: Hello, Dan.
Bill: Dan, this is my brother John's daughter, Claire.
Dan: Pleased to meet you. I didn't know John had a daughter? Where's he been hiding you?
Bill: She's been living out East with his wife's sister. She just moved back.
Dan: What part of the East, Claire?
Claire: Boston, near the harbor.
Dan: It must be quite a change--coming back here?
Claire: It is, but I'm glad to be back and see all my freinds.
Bill: Hey, Dan. Do you still play golf?
Dan: Not as much as I would like.
Bill: Claire plays. Maybe we could all play sometime soon?
Dan: That sounds great. How about tomorrow morning?
B.&C.: Sure, say 7:00, out at Harrison Park?
Dan: Great, 7 A.M. at Harrison. I'll look forward to it.
Kay: (rejoining the group) I see you've met Elizabeth.
Dan: Elizabeth? I thought your name was Claire?
Claire: It is. My aunt just calls me by Elizabeth.
Dan: Well, I've not only met Elizabeth, but the three of us are off to the greens in the morning.
Kay: She'll probably whip the both of you! Ha Ha.
Bill: Dan, could you pass me that newspaper? Let's see what the weather's supposed to be.
Dan: Sure, here you go.
Bill: Thanks.
Claire: How often do you play, Dan?
Dan: Well, this year I've only played twice. How about you?
Claire: I was playing weekly in Boston-- with my aunt, but since I came home I haven't played once.
Bill: The report is a humdinger. I guess the leftovers from hurricane Opal are gone.
Dan: So are you saying it is supposed to be nice tomorrow?
Bill: I sure am. It says it will be sunny and dry--perfect weather.
Kay: Enough about golf. How's your dancing? Hey, Pete. Would you turn up the stereo? We've got a party going on!

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