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Диалоги на английском языке - A Boat Trip

Диалоги на английском языке с переводом

  Dialogues in English - A Boat Trip  

- The boat sails in fifteen minutes.
- Let's hurry and find good seats. The boat is filling up very rapidly.
- What is the seating capacity of the boat?
- It accommodates 100 passengers.
- Do you think there will be so many people on the boat today?
- Yes, these boats are often filled to capacity on a nice day such as this.
- The weather turned out so beautiful. Where shall we sit?
- I suggest we go on the upper deck. We will have more fun there.
- If it gets cold, we can go downstairs. Let's take these seats before somebody else does.
- No sooner said than done. Here we are seated comfortably. The breeze is wonderful. The trip takes three hours.
- Where are we going?
- To Greenwich. We arrive at one o'clock.
- At what time does the boat leave Greenwich on return trip?
- At half past four. That gives us three and a half hours to spend there.
- Does the boat go back the same way?
- Yes, it does. We should arrive back at Westminster about eight o'clock.
- We never go to bed before eleven o'clock, so it won't be too late for us.
- There goes the whistle. We are off on a pleasant trip.
- The trip is delightful. I am sorry. I didn't know of the trip yesterday. Otherwise. I would have prepared some delicious sandwiches to take along.
- It doesn't matter. The food served on the boat is wholesome and the prices are reasonable.
- Really? What a pleasant surprise!

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