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Сочинения по английскому языку - My School

Сочинения по английскому языку Compositions on English language - My School  

Раздел содержит сочинение по английскому языку на тему - My School. Это сочинение может быть использовано как базовое для написания собственного сочинения на английском языке. Не стоит лениться и копировать сочинение полностью, внесите хоть какие-то собственные коррективы в текст - это будет полезно для вас и оценено вашим преподавателем.

Our school is a fine four-storeyed building in the center of Moscow. The school-building is not very large, but there are many classrooms and specialized rooms for studying different subjects.

The pupils study Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Russian, English, History, Geography and Biology in specialized rooms.

Chemistry Physics and Biology are taught in well-equipped science rooms. Schemes and tables are on the walls, there is equipment for laboratory experiments in the labs. At the lessons we often carry out different experiments and make observations.

Mathematics is taught in the science rooms on the third floor. There is a special room equipped with computers.

There are many specialized rooms for studying English in our school. CD-players and DVD-players are widely used at our lessons.

There is the Assembly Hall on the second floor of our school. The Assembly Hall is rather large and light. We usually gather there to celebrate holidays. Before the holidays we decorate the Assembly Hall with colourful newspaper, pictures, slogans, balloons and flowers.

On the first floor there is a gym. We like our gym, and we like to spend there the breaks as well as lessons. During the breaks we usually played there basketball or volley-ball. And our classmates and our teachers are out fans.

The dining-room and the canteen are on the ground floor. This is a large hall, clean and light, with white curtains on the windows, pictures on the walls and flowers on the window-silk.

On the ground floor there is a workshop too. There we are taught to use tools and machines.

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